Referral Rewards

Looking for more ways to boost your income? Beyond what you can earn as a SMK Soft consultant, you will be able to earn additional money by referring projects and people to us.

10 minutes can add extra $$$ to your income!
It’s the reward that keeps on paying!

Our reach

Our multi operations in United states / India including  Hyderabad gives us the advantage of engaging the talent pool across these locations.

Business Referrals

If you are already a SMK Soft consultant, you are eligible to participate in the increased incentive Business Referral Rewards Program, designed to provide incentives for our employees to seek out qualified new business opportunities. Whether your lead provides us with a new client account or a new project at an existing client, a substantial ONGOING reward payment can be yours for the life of the project up to a year! To learn more, go to now send me email.

SMK Soft Consultants  send a e mail to

Not yet a member of the SMK Soft team, you can still be eligible to participate and receive up to $1,000 for each new business referral you place.

Learning and development

We have been a successful organization  by keeping abreast with the pace of growth and change Information Technology industry has been providing on a continuous basis. We make sure that this understanding penetrates well into and within the organization.

Self-Placement Referrals

SMK Soft and non-SMK Soft individuals, If you identify your next assignment and are placed there by SMK Soft, you are also eligible for a cash reward up to $1,000!