Our Vision

A company’s stated mission and cultural aspirations serve as an important unifying and guiding force for the organization. They serve as a single expression of the organization’s character and values. Providing a common basis for individual approaches to our daily roles and to relationships both within and outside of the organization, these qualities and principles define who we are and hope to be.

Our culture is a combination of our mission, attitudes, official policies and unofficial atmosphere. When we walk into our offices, what we see, what we hear, and how we are treated, all reflect our culture. While a culture is intangible and organic in the way it evolves from day-to-day, its direction can be guided by an underlying set of core values.

At SMK Soft Inc we want to take a thoughtful and deliberate approach to promoting these values. Our President states, “I have strongly believed in these core values throughout my career, and it is my goal that every SMK employee adopt them as an integral part of their roles in the company.”

SMK Soft Inc Core Values


  • Build a team environment, provide clear and concise goals and provide consistent feedback.
  • Respect employees, believe in our people, and treat employees as the solution, not the problem.
  • Integrity… Simply keep our commitments
  • Uncompromising commitment to customer service


  • Highest integrity in all dealings with customers, consultants and fellow employees
  • Do the right things right. Think before we act so that our efforts and our commitments are focused where they count most.
  • Focus on quality and continuous improvement.
  • Never try to cover mistakes. Admit mistakes and learn from them. Remember, mistakes are one of the best ways to learn. We fail only if we don’t learn from our mistakes.
  • Have fun… Be passionate about your job… Celebrate the success.


  • To be the best company in our business!
  • We reach this goal when:
    • We lead in terms of financial stability and performance.
    • Our peers recognize us as the industry “gold standard.”
    • Being part of the ARCH GROUP team is the highest aspiration of everyone in our industry.
    • We attract and retain the best and brightest and foster the achievement of their potential.


Innovation is never just a word it’s a state of mind and at SMK we innovate for the future. As a front runner in the industry we have been part of the business impact stories and now increasingly contribute to transformational strategies.

As a valued partner of our customers, we endeavor to create a business situation of optimization merged with efficiency.

Our Innovation aims to be inclusive of all, represent the common good of all sections. Our mission is to empower lives, embrace livelihoods and enhance technologies. Since inclusivity is a part of our overall agenda and inclusion through product, platform and processes is a constant.